Shaun Sidey

Shane helped me overcome my desperation for sales. I learned my own value, diagnose customers needs, & overcome objections before they happen, & close with confidence! This has taken my revenue from $6k a month to $12k and as high as $20k months! 


Brett Riesenhuber

I've worked with Shane off and on for almost 10 years now and his sales coaching deserves an A+! I've been in the game for 20 plus years and his approach is unique, special and he truly cares about your success! 


Jen Cuaresma

Shane is amazing! If you have never had a sales coach before, I highly recommend contacting him ASAP! My confidence is higher because I now know how to have genuine conversations that allow me to better serve my customers!

Juvie Gonzalez

Shane took the time to gain an understanding of where I was in my entrepreneurial growth. His knowledge of how to approach sales in the modern world of social media and even in person is extensive. From the first impression of building relationships with prospects to closing the deal with excitement while delivering high ticket coaching, Shane spoke from experience and therefore his coaching is a testament of his actions. 


Vera Stepina

I have worked with Shane Arnott for about 6 months, and in those 6 short months I have learned more about sales than in my previous 5 years of coaching.

During our time together, I learned how to lead a conversation, how to hold the frame, how to lead the prospect to a decision that will be the most beneficial for them.  

My revenue has increased while my levels of stress related to sales have drastically decreased. I am looking forward to sales calls because I am excited about learning about my prospect and finding a way to help them get to their goals. 

Samantha Wallace

 Shane helped my business gross from $40k my first 6 months to $110k in less than a year. What I love about Shane's coaching style is not only his expertise in fitness businesses, growth, and scalability, but that he takes a 1:1 approach with all of his clients. I look forward to having Shane train my sales team and the growth year two is going to bring.

Thank you Shane!