Zoom Into The Future Of Sales

Let's just go ahead and state the obvious. The next best thing to a sales consultation in person is via a video sales call.

Matter of fact a recent study from Forbes says that using a video sales call is 62 percent more effective than the same call via phone!

It should really come as no surprise. I mean, half of our brain capacity is dedicated to our eyes, it's the primary way we interpret the world around us.

Video just feels more human.

You are able to see facial expressions and body language of your prospect.

If you're good, you can even discern emotional nuance.

Many things happen much faster through video as well.

Emotional connection.

Relationship building.


These are but some that are established faster through video rather than phone.

Interestingly enough, video is still greatly underutilized.

The sales person who grasps the concepts and tactics early around video sales will definitely become light years ahead of those who do not acquire the same skills and knowledge base.

Some have a hesitance with video.

What if I say something ridiculous?

What if the audio is bad?

What about the lighting?

I can tell you, if these thoughts enter your mind, you can overcome them.

You too can master the video sales call.

Interestingly enough, I know someone who can help!


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