Your Customers Want To Buy From You!

Updated: Jun 26

Your prospects want to give you money. Read that again, because it is true. They want to give YOU their hard earned money. They don't want to give it to your program, service, or product. No, it is YOU.

The problem that most people have in sales is they are afraid of "bugging" people. It is also a common human behavior pattern that we are afraid of rejection. We want everyone to like us. (even if we posture that we don't care, nice try)

The truth of the matter is that no matter what stage you are in your career or business you will be taking money from complete strangers. Interestingly enough, this is where a lot of people in the sales arena fall down and never get back up.

We need to change our frame from selling is taking something from someone to selling is serving.

That's right.

Selling is serving!

If you don/t enjoy selling then you don't enjoy helping others make decisions that could impact their lives!

Look at it in this way:

- Do you believe in what you are selling? If this is true, (and it should be) then all you have to do is transfer that belief to your prospects successfully.

- Does your prospect have confidence that they can reach their goals? If they do not (which is why they came to in the first place) then you must transfer that confidence into them.

- Are there obstacles and roadblocks that are hindering your prospects likelihood fo success? If there are then you need to transfer conviction that they can overcome those by working directly with you.

These tips will undoubtedly help you help others, I believe in that 100%.

In fact, it is with the utmost confidence that if you believe in that too then you will begin to change your sales game for the positive!

No matter what you are facing, no matter how many attempts you have made in the past, if you adhere to these principles, and entrust us here at The Sales META, we can make this a reality for you as well!

See what I did there?


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