Your Customer Isn't Buying Because They Don't See Any Value In The Outcome

Once you have a firm grasp and understanding of what you are selling, one of the first things you must ask yourself is this:

Is the value bridge big enough to warrant my customer spending his/her hard earned money to want to change?

This is on YOU.

You need to be able to show them that the value of the outcome is worth moving away from where they are today to where they ultimately want to be.

Look at it this way.

Would you spend $100 to make $10k? (value bridge is $9900)

Without question right?

Now, would you pay $5000 to make $10k (value bridge is $5000)

Hmm, most would have to think about that one, right?

Dive into your discovery more!

Lengthen the value bridge!

Paint a picture for your customer and illustrate the impact this decision will have if they do not choose to move forward.

Once you have done all the work in gathering information through discovery then selling to that value bridge is easier.

The problem is that most want to bypass the "work" because it seems like too much and go right to closing.

This, ideally, never works out great in the end.

Have patience.

Go slower.

Do some investigation and gather as much info as possible.

Focus on your customers needs, not your need to close them as quickly as possible.

Help them on their journey across that value bridge!

If your customers are then willing to hire you or buy from you because you know so much about them and what it is they do and what impacts their outcomes, then you will know you are on the right path!

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