What You Are Missing During Discovery

Updated: Mar 25

Tell me this.

Why should anyone have to convince you that they are worthy of your time?

That they are qualified to buy from you?

This is completely backward.

Let's look at some steps to help you have a productive discovery during every interaction you encounter.

First: Traditional qualifying processes dictate that you should make sure your prospects have money before you even engage with them to buy whatever it is you are selling and perhaps, something that they cannot afford. I urge you to dismiss this line of thinking because if your prospects see enough value in what you are providing they will miraculously find it within their budget to afford it. I say with complete honestly, you need to say the hell with the "budget" mentality. People will find the budget for big problems they want to solve. It's all in how you help them realize the size of their problem to begin with.

Second: It doesn't matter anymore if your prospect doesn't hold authority to make a buying decision autonomously. It is completely immaterial if you make the case for value. If you do that, and they are not equipped to make a decision, then they will introduce you to the person who is.

Third: Do not sell to "need". Sell to solve problems. All you need is chance to show that a problem exists, you can demonstrate the need later. The problem must be highlighted, and then help them realize how big or small it actually is.

Heres a free bonus secret: Being really good at sales isn't selling to something that your prospect already is familiar with. A good salesperson finds the opportunity to show the prospect risk in an area that they weren't even aware of

Fourth: Your prospect says this isn't the right time to buy. That doesn't make them right. If you can show them that every day that goes by the problem grows exponentially and compounds in the areas of lost money, lost time, lost efficiency or anything else they could possibly lose, then they will see that NOW is the time to cut those losses once and for all!

Oftentimes we miss these things during discovery, because we jump right to how we can help, or how wonderful our product or program is and how it can help a prospect.

Jumping like this tells your prospect one thing and one thing only:

You are not listening to THEM and THEIR unique situation.

Helping a client always begins with discovery.

It always begins with giving a shit.

There is no close.

Only discoveries and solutions.

And as Lynyrd Skynyrd once sang:

If you do this, it will help you some sunny day.

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