So You "Hate" Social Media?

I hear this all the time, and honestly it is quite baffling to me.

"I hate social media."

That statement is concise & very clear.

It is also quite possibly the very reason your business is not thriving.

Let us consider for a moment one inarguable fact:

Your business needs customers and your customers eyeballs are on social media.

Without customers you do not have a business, you have a hobby.

Look at this way:

Saying you hate social media in 2022 is like saying you hate the yellow pages & classifieds in 1972.

That dog just will not hunt.

Social media does not need to be this cumbersome task.

It too, can be streamlined.

And to date, there is no better tool to get in front of your customers eyeballs than through the various platforms made available to us.

Drop the "hate".

Rethink social.

Implement a strategy.

Rediscover your business.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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