Selling The Benz and Presenting Like A Prius

Let me set something straight right off the bat.

A Toyota Prius is a fine car, especially in todays climate of high gas prices.

It's just not for me. I personally enjoy my trucks, but thats neither here or there.

The purpose of the title is fairly simply:

If you are selling high ticket then quit showing up to your consultations like your gonna go hang around the campfire.

Where is the air of professionalism?

Let me clarify.

No, you do not have to show up in pant suits and blazer or a 3 piece Tom Ford.

But, let's be honest, you are a professional correct?

Where is the air of professionalism then?

Where is that professional image that can create an impactful first impression?

I'll be honest, in the past I have coached several entrepreneurs who looked like they just got out of the shower or ran through a rain storm during their sales calls that I have had the privilege to review.

I mean honestly, do you ever happen to think that your customer is thinking, "Did this person even prepare for this meeting?"

I guarantee that is crossing their minds at some point, most likely initially.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it, your reason is that this is you, the real you, take it or leave it.

Well I would leave it, and if you are struggling to make sales then my bet is you should reassess.

I remember my first sales gig as a teenager.

I got a job selling Polo and Nautica menswear at Belk in The Savannah Mall in Savannah, Ga.

My grandmother took me shopping and bought me my first suit because there was no way I could afford to.

I remember her words to me:

"There is my handsome, successful grandson! You look capital young man!"

Honestly, it was one of the greatest compliments I ever received, and you know what?

I hated that suit.

I was a beach bum.

Shorts and flip flops for me, everyday, all day.

But heres the deal:

I sold more clothing than anyone else in the mens department because more people approached me for assistance than my other co-workers who gathered and huddled together socializing most of the day.

Now why was that?

I'll let you decide.

Bottom line:

You want to sell high ticket?

Present yourself in such a way that commands it.

My guess is it will definitely contribute to your bottom line!

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