Gathering In The Gray

Not everything is black and white.

There is a lot of beauty in shades of gray.

I often feel that is extremely overlooked these days.

The primary reason?

The opinions of the former are promulgated extensively to the point where you feel almost obligated to be on one side of the fence or the other.

It's become polarizing to the point of paralysis for some.

The same holds true in your business.

Except you control both the black and the white, or at least you should.

If you are not then thats a topic for another discussion.

Please, don't confuse what I am saying here, I am not discounting certain areas of your business that are inherently black and white.


Employee manuals.




Hiring & firing protocols.

These are structures that contribute to the smooth operation and understanding of the way your business runs and how it lives.

I'm talking about you, the owner.

I'm talking about your team.

Those who move the needle forward with you.

How you interact with each other.

The manner in which life is given to vision as your business evolves.

On its face nothing is certain until it is.

Hell, thats always the excitement of something new.



When they are made manifest it can be almost a rebirthing of purpose injected into your business.

And that process, the "gathering in the gray", is never black and white.

Dreams are not black and white.

Ideas are not black and white.

They are simply gifts borne of an atmosphere of free thought.

It's why Apple transformed the way we communicate before we even knew we needed it.

It's why Amazon has changed the way you make purchases.

It's why Elon Musk is literally warping our sense of what is truly possible with technology as a whole.

Gathering In The Gray.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, etc. and you still believe that keeping things "black and white" is the way to go, I invite you to try.

Especially if you have a team of people.

You already have massive opportunity in each of them.

Tap into their unique gifts and talents.

Give them a voice...

Let them create...

Let them shine...

And they will take you with them.

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