Field Of Dreams

"Build it and they will come."

A line from a very good movie about baseball starring Kevin Costner.

Most of you have probably seen it, if not you should.

Kevin's character was lucky, when he built his baseball diamond in his cornfield, the ghosts of legends appeared and played ball.

Again, great cinema.

But why did those ghosts of America's favorite pastime show up at his field?

Because it was scripted!

It's a movie. Period.

Business is never this way.

Just because you have a cool product, service, or program you are not guaranteed a monumental show up from your customers.

When you think in this fashion then you overestimate your potential sales, and inadvertently do the same with your gross revenue.

This results in a cash flow problem.

Simply put there isn't enough cash to cover business expenses.

Oddly enough this is when businesses head to the bank to make it known of their dilemma, when in all actuality they should be looking at it as a sales problem.

I mean honestly, if you are short of cash in the business then obviously we must look into our sales productivity.

This is assuming your budget is squared away and you are not out buying items to look rich in front of people you don't even care about. (yawn)

Bottom line here is this:

They are not coming just because you built it.

And here is a fundamental truth:

NOTHING happens within a company until someone sells something.

So stop the busy work of "perfecting things."

Get to work on having conversations that lead to sales.

Sales that lead to cash flow.

Cash flow that covers expenses & increases revenues.

And so on...

I'm sure you get the picture!

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