Emotional Intelligence In Sales

Updated: Mar 22

Create An Emotionally Satisfying Experience!

We live in a time where most professionals and pundits suggest that personal relationships (people) are no longer how the game of sales is won or lost. Most of them say that it is without question todays advanced technologies that matter most.

Enter emotional intelligence.

Aside from the fact that technological advances have indeed made life much easier, it is proven time and time again that buyers, especially B2B or high ticket buyers, seek out someone they can talk to personally, someone they can create a connection with, someone they can establish trust with. This is where emotional intelligence in sales comes into play. By understanding human psychology and influence frameworks you become highly skilled to position yourself as the solution to your clients problem.

Understanding cognitive biases and disruptive emotions that hold you back in interpersonal relationships is paramount to your success in closing deals instead of undoing all of your efforts.

Within the arena of sales we cannot allow our emotions to be our undoing. We must master them and continue to evolve that mastery so we can then implement influence frameworks that help influence the changes our customers are seeking.

But we have to start with changing you first, then help your customers move past their current state into the desired future state they seek.

Understanding how to get out of your own way, will undoubtedly help you help them get out of the way of theirs.

As you dive further into emotional intelligence as a part of your sales training you will also gain insight as to why your customers take certain actions, or refuse to take those actions, and how you can swiftly influence their behaviors which will lead to you closing the deal.

If you are truly seeking a competitive advantage that will set you apart within the sales arena then understanding and practicing emotional intelligence will ,without question, set you apart and take you to another level.

If you feel understanding emotional intelligence can in fact help you become better, (we know it will) reach out to us here at The SalesMETA, we would enjoy having that conversation with you!

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